Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No-Till: Seeding Wheat into Corn Stalks

Ack, it's been so long since I've posted! I've had these pictures sitting on my computer for a while now and have been meaning to get them up.

In a spring like we had this year, we were able to practice more no-till (seeding directly into a field that was harvested the previous fall without first running tillage equipment across it) like in this field where Chad seeded wheat where corn grew last year. You can clearly see the remnants of the corn stalks:

The above picture was taken during seeding in mid-April. Here is a photo of the same wheat field a couple of weeks ago:

No-till is a practice that aids in preserving soil nutrients and moisture and this spring was not too wet, so we were able to no-till many fields. Last spring, we needed to utilize our tillage equipment to try to dry out some of the ground before seeding.

I will try to get out soon to take an updated pic of the corn from the previous post to see how it's coming along!

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