Sunday, October 14, 2012

Corn Harvest

Corn harvest has been underway for a few weeks now and has been going great. The quality has been good and things are running smoothly.

The harvest is about 2-3 weeks earlier than it normally is, and it's been nice to be out there in some 50-60 degree temperatures. The guys have been drying most of the corn, but haven't had to dry it for long as the moisture has been around 18%, while last year it was around 24%. 

They should finish up this week with harvest if all goes well, and we are looking to have some nice weather in the coming days so hopefully it will be a good end to the harvest season!

And a pic of B & me taking meals out to the field last night.

I snapped a pic last week while getting all the meals ready to take out to the field:
Southwest egg rolls, cilantro lime rice, corn bread and a cupcake!
 And I'll wrap it up with a few I took as we left the field:

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  1. that little Ben looks alot like his Mom on that picture of the two of you.. Gma D
    ps..the food looks good too Tessa