Monday, January 27, 2014

Retreat & Blizzard

We just pulled through a little blizzard here in Hurdsfield. This was our view to the north on Sunday afternoon:

Things were clear today, though, and I finally got a picture of the sundogs:

This past weekend was a first for us - we held a company retreat in Bismarck. Several employees from Weckerly Farms, Freight Solutions, Hurdsfield Grain, and Agronomy Solutions joined us at the Comfort Suites Friday and Saturday for some presentations from Chad, Cole, Mark, and Jamie, and then a representative from Dale Carnegie Training worked with our group. If you have ever heard of DISC assessments, maybe this graphic looks familiar:

Individual assessments helped us learn how to work and communicate better with those in our organization. It was eye-opening, a little bit fun and a little bit challenging!

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