Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Party Time

I have to first off apologize for the fact that I don't have any photos to go with this post! I did take my camera with me to the party last night, but every time I headed to my purse to grab it, I got sidetracked or started visiting with someone. So I have no photos to share, but we had a great Christmas party in Harvey last night with all of the wonderful employees from Weckerly Farms, Hurdsfield Grain/Agronomy Solutions, Freight Solutions/Freight Solutions Xtreme and the Farm & Family Center.

Some bad weather started to move in later in the day, so unfortunately not everyone was able to join us, but we still had about 55 people in attendance. We had a great meal, played our annual trivia game, gave out some door prizes and then danced the evening away.

Thank you again to each and every one of our employees who work within the businesses and who make our businesses work! Happy holidays!

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